Adult Program

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ASM Tennis Academy Helsinki

Adult Program

Adult Program

Adults of all ages and ability levels are welcomed at ASM’s Adult Tennis Programs. We offer clinics and packages based on skill level that will teach clients through a series of imaginative drills designed exclusively by ASM. Players will learn techniques with drill workouts, drill games, match play in a fast passed training workout designed to keep players moving and learn correct skills, strategy and techniques.

Beginner Level 2.5 - 3.0
Intermediate Level - 3.5
Advanced Level - 4.0 and above

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Our coaches use best tennis teaching methodologies to help players enhance their technical skills, build game strategy and develop mental strength. ASM adult programs combine regular practice with match play and physical training in order to achieve best results and customer satisfaction. Our adult programs are designed to empower all aspects of a player's game in a well-balanced learning environment and enjoyable atmosphere. You will get stronger, play longer, and learn how to react instinctively to the ball. Our Coaches will rely on their knowledge of the game to show you tips for technique, tactics, and strategy on court. Using your own natural style, we will show you how to achieve your very best.